The World Has Burned Down

In the early 1940’s, after WWII was finished, another began. America mobilized against Russia and started a nuclear war that had been unexpected and unforseen. Russia invaded America in a startling front and when all was lost, America pushed the button. Now the world has been torn to ruins, there is no rule or order. Twenty years later, in 1965, civilization sleeps quietly. They whisper about the man who had seen it all coming, Albert Einstein. The legend goes that he built a world known as Brilliance, a city free of threat from nuclear war and of fear, a utopia for all man to marvel at. Einstein, however, vanished shortly during the war, only to be seen by few. His deeds, be they fact or fiction, exist in form of legends and stories told to youths to keep them warm at night. Many set out to find the mythical land of Brilliance, but no one ever returns. Three men decide to venture out of their miserable lifes and into the wasteland known as America, searching for Brilliance or at least a better lives for themselves. The obstacles are so high, the challenges are so impossible, that they might as well be Chasing Einstein.

Chasing Einstein